International Pharmaceuticals
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International medicinal products for German pharmacies, clinics and institutions pursuant to § 73 Clause 3 AMG


These may include:

  • Preparations with approval procedures that have not been completed
  • Preparations for which no approval has been applied for 
  • Preparations that have been removed from the market
  • Preparations that cannot be delivered or which have delivery bottlenecks
  • Preparations that are approved in Germany but only in a different dosage form 


Our service

We can normally answer your questions regarding marketability and availability of a certain product, as well as delivery times and costs of procurement, right away. If not, we’ll research until we have a competent answer for you. 

German law prohibits us from releasing price lists. At your enquiry, however, we can of course state the price to be expected for the product in question.


No paper burden for you

We take care of the tedious paperwork the import of pharmaceuticals involves. We know the markets, the suppliers, the telephone numbers, the email addresses, the terms of payment and delivery, the legislation revolving around import and export, the customs formalities and the safest transportation means. We use air freight, airmail and courier services. We do, however, always base our decisions on the principal of: “As fast as possible, but as reasonably priced as possible.”


Delivery time

All orders which reach us on a work day and by 17.00 will be forwarded on the same day to our foreign partners.

Medicinal products from EU countries normally reach us within a few days. From the U.S., Japan and non-EU countries we are normally supplied within one week.

Should problems arise with your order, you will be immediately advised of this and we will consult you as to how you should further proceed.



All incoming shipments are examined at our company for externally recognisable faults or damages. We then send you the product – normally on the same day and via the fastest transportation mode, franco. If applicable, you will receive, with the product, a form from us in which you may enter the required information as per the “Apothekenbetriebsordnung” (German regulation on the operation of pharmacies).


Delivery is made franco domicile already starting with an order sum of 25 EUR.