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PSSST pocket - The colourful earplug 


PSSST pocket is the elegant earplug from France, hypoallergenic and highly effective for sport and leisure activities. A must for trendsetters!

„PSSST pocket" – earplugs are a stylish accessory with:

  • an attractive, soft-elastic form
  • a hypoallergenic, impurity-resistant surface
  • a superior level of effectiveness of noise reduction and
  • colourful pastel colours, marbled.

“PSSST pocket” facilitates a restful sleep and protects against damage to hearing.

The French designer Daniel Sergent has made the earplug a trendy accessory. His earplugs are called “Chutt” in France, which means about the same as “psssst!” or “sssshhhh!”.
No wonder Monsieur Sergent has become market leader with these trendy plugs in France.


They protect one of the most valuable things we own, our hearing...

  • during swimming
  • work with loud machines
  • shooting and
  • the hammering bass of the disco club 


PS: PSSST pocket are even worn by models at Paris fashion shows!



Available as a stand-up display with 30, 72 and 48 containers